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Money Mindset Mastery for Women Life Coaches™

The wrong money mindset can cause you to undercharge, under-earn, attract the wrong type of clients, and keep you in a cycle of lack. The wrong money mindset creates an invisible fence around your financial success.

You can harness the power of your mind to increase your revenue, manifest a successful business, create programs and services that your potential clients crave, and live a life of financial freedom. Operating your coaching business should never be frustrating, non-fulfilling, or stressful. That is not why God put it on your heart to become a coach.

When it comes to business success sometimes, we get so busy working on the external stuff that we forget about the inner work that needs to be done. What's in your belief system will show up in your business in one way or another, over and over again. And working more hours is not the answer to increasing your revenue. But it is the answer to you feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. And how can you adequately serve your clients from that space? Not very well! Not to mention it's not self-care for you as a woman life coach either.

So, what needs to happen? The first step is for you to make the mental changes that are necessary for you to achieve the results you deserve and desire. It means breaking through all the self-limiting beliefs you have about money. It means believing that you can have it, do it, and be it! And it means crushing confidence killers around your money mindset.

Yes, negative beliefs about money crush your confidence. Your money beliefs directly affect your bank account. And sometimes it's hard to create a new money mindset based on where we are going, when we have an old money mindset glued to where we have been. Our old money story dictates our beliefs, behaviors, and results. It's time for a mindset shift! Money is a HUGE stumbling block for many women life coaches.  


When you transform the way you think about money, it can transform your business and life...forever! 


Through the Money Mindset Mastery for Women Life Coaches program, you will learn how to: 

Gain the confidence to charge what you are really worth (more than likely you are charging less that what you should be and could be probably charging at least double what you are currently charging.) And have a confident money conversation with others. An authentic conversation that makes you feel your value every single time!

Set and achieve BBG (Big Boss Goals)-Do you ever look at other women life coaches who are "bringing in the bucks" and think I wish I could make more money, so I can provide for myself more, build my business, do more for my family, do for my community, or support causes I care about? Well, you can! It's all about setting those BBG's and going for them and REFUSING to let anything or anyone block you or stop you!

Increase your money self-esteem by replacing the scarcity mindset with a powerful mindset of abundance, that can cause you to rise to the occasion instead of shrinking back due to fear and feeling "not worthy." Remember that what you do is priceless and valuable!


Connect Your New Money Mindset to New Money Making Opportunities:

Once you have learned how to break through mindset blocks and unleash your abundant mindset, you will learn how to connect your new money mindset to new money making opportunities. This can help you to increase your freedom and bring more money into your coaching business, so that you can flow more money into your business, your family, charities you support, and your community. 



Program Information:

This is a 6-week program.


Module 1: From Painful Money Story to Powerful Money Story:

Your money story is guiding you whether you realize it or not. It guides your thinking, your beliefs, your action, and your results, or lack of results. What you think about money and tell yourself about money matters.

But do you really know where your money story came from or who helped to write it? Is it really your story or have you become a leading character in someone else's money story? Raise your money consciousness level and learn how to transform your money story. 


Module 2: Releasing Money Stress:

Money stress can lead to health issues. Money stress keeps you up at night, causes you to have health problems, can block your flow of creativity, and causes you to constantly worry about money, and how you are going to make it through life. The money stress module will give you a clear look at the money stress you are experiencing, and how to release it.


Module 3: Evicting Money Blocks:

If you don't demolish money blocks, they will demolish you. Money blocks are embedded in our belief system. They have taken up residency and moved in and maybe we haven't even been aware of them living inside of our head until now. Well, now it's time for us to give them a letter of eviction, once and for all! They can't live inside of your head anymore. They have got to go! Learn about the practices to evict money blocks once and for all! And learn how to write an eviction letter to your money blocks! You no longer give them permission to live in your property...your mindset.

Think about anything that is blocked...anything. Now picture how something can flow through when something is blocked. It can't, and it's no different when your financial prosperity portal is blocked. Learn the strategies to unclog it. Increase your capacity to receive. Money blocks rob you of revenue. 


Module 4: Feeling Good About Your Relationship with Money:

Your relationship with money is important too. The positive relationships we have in our lives feel amazing. And that is the same way with money. You can look at money as a friend instead of an enemy. As something that is working for you instead of against you. When you don't feel good about your relationship with money you could be subconsciously repelling it instead of inviting it to be a part of your life. Money is not evil, money in the right hands can do a lot of good for humanity!


Module 5: Premium Program Strategies for Women Life Coaches:

Learn how premium programs can catapult your personal, professional, and financial life, the benefits of premium programs for you and for your clients, why you should consider offering premium programs, key elements to designing successful premium programs, and how adding premium programs can help increase your free time beyond your wildest imagination. 


Week 6: Cash Flow Strategies for Women Life Coaches:

You will learn various strategies to get more cash flowing into your business, so that you can take it to the next level.


This program does not guarantee that you will make a specific amount of money, or even generate any income at because of it. But if you do the work, you will feel more confident and courageous about money and your relationship with it. You will have a mindset shift and get out of your own when it comes to manifesting money. How much is that worth to you?  



Additional Program Details:

You will log in weekly to access your program information. Upon joining you will receive a password for access. Your program materials will be made available to you every Monday morning at 8 a.m. (EST).

The program includes weekly modules, weekly introduction (overview) audios, worksheets, and personalized email coaching, for any brainstorming, questions, encouragement, or additional support.


Private Facebook Group:

The program also includes a private Facebook group. This is only available for the duration of your program.

This is a great opportunity for you to connect with Dr. Shauntel Peak-Jimenez, and other amazing women life coaches in the program. You can share wins, struggles, get inspiration, and support.  



You will also receive a money mindset planner, a money affirmation sheet, and tips to live a more abundant life. These are great resources that you can use as you continue to move forward. 



Upcoming Program Date:

Program Start Date: Tuesday, September 6th, 2022

Program End Date: The week of October 3rd, 2022



The Investment:

Option A: Pay in full-$497.00 (If you are paying in full, you will save $100.00).


Option B: 3 payments of $199.00 (The total investment is $597.00).


The regular price for this program is $997.00.


Each program date is limited to 25 women life coaches only. This is so that any needed personalized attention can be given. If a program date is full you will be placed on a waiting list for the next program date.



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No refunds are given after you have made your payment due to you receiving passwords and access to the materials. But if for some reason you can't begin on your desired start date, you can begin another date within 6 months without losing your investment. And The IAWLC has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will work with you diligently to make sure that you are satisfied with our services.