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You must complete this program to become an associate.


The great thing about our organization is that there is no long-term commitment. This elite program runs for 5 weeks and then you will have an opportunity to complete continued learning opportunities as desired. Once you complete this program you are an associate, and you have access to the other benefits.

The Business Success for Women Life Coaches™ program includes weekly lessons (PDF format), weekly audios (MP3 format), inspirational videos for continuous motivation, encouragement, and support, checklists, worksheets, assignments, weekly personalized email coaching, a private opportunity for Q and A (via email), a private online discussion forum (the discussion forum is for the duration of your program only), an opportunity to connect and network with other amazing women life coaches, and surprise resources to help you succeed.

Once you graduate from the program you will receive a certificate of achievement documenting that you completed the Business Success for Women Life Coaches program. The certificate is sent via postal mail. It is suitable for framing to display your professional achievement. You will also receive a International Association for Women Life Coaches (IAWLC) logo for your website. And you will also have an opportunity to receive access to additional training, recognition of your coaching business, certification, and other benefits, all for a deep discount.


Below is the list of the topics covered (for this program). This program is designed to help you increase your peace and your profits.


Week 1:

Self-Care for Women Life Coaches:

This includes topics on self-care, the keys to peace of mind, setting boundaries, working with the right type of clients, overcoming being a people pleaser, life balance, health and wellness for women life coaches, time management, mindfulness for women life coaches, decorating your office for maximum peace, productivity, and profitability, and stress relief. 


Week 2: Goal Setting for Divine Business Success:

This week is all about setting big goals and taking action to achieve them! You will be inspired and empowered to break through obstacles, and manifest your dreams into reality. You will create a vision board that is in alignment with your greatest desires. You will map out your financial goals for the next 12 months and learn how to have an amazing financial future! You will be empowered to propel in life and in business. Whatever you believe, you can achieve!


Week 3: Activating Your Abundant Mindset:

This week you will learn about the mindset and how it can help or hinder your success. You will learn how to break through any negative thinking patterns that you have around money, heal your relationship with money, and unleash the abundant mindset that supports your financial goals. 


Week 4: High-End Clients and High-End Programs:

Learn how high-end clients and high-end programs can catapult your personal, professional, and financial life. Learn why you should offer high-end programs. Learn the benefits of offering high-end programs, for you and your clients.  Learn the key elements for designing high-end programs. And learn how integrating high-end programs can help increase your free time beyond your wildest imagination. 


Week 5: Learn All About IAS (Income Accelerating Strategies):

This week is all about how you can gracefully and naturally generate additional income. This week's information can help you to make a bigger difference and more money. It can also help you to create amazing and transformational outcomes for your clients, that equals impact, influence, and income.    




Once you have successfully completed the program you will receive the rights to use the associate member logo on your website and other materials.  



Program Delivery Format:

You will log in weekly to access your program information. Upon joining you will receive a password for access.



Upcoming Summer Program Dates:

Monday, June 7th, 2021

Monday, August 2nd, 2021




The Investment:

Option A: The program investment is $797.00 (This is for full payment. If you are paying in full, you will receive a $100.00 pre-paid program discount. 


Option B: 5 payments of $179.40 (The total is $897.00).


Each program date is limited to 15 women life coaches only. This is so that any needed personalized attention can be given. If a program date is full you will be placed on a waiting list for the next program date.



Please click the link below to join the program. 

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No refunds are given after you have made your payment due to you receiving passwords and access to the materials. But if for some reason you can't begin on your desired start date, you can begin another date within 6 months without losing your investment. And The IAWLC has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will work with you diligently to make sure that you are satisfied with our services.