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The Magnetic 6-Figure Woman Coachâ„¢ Program

Break Through Hidden Money Blocks and Learn How To Become The Magnetic, Powerful, and Profitable 6-Figure Woman Coach You Desire to Be. You Have What it Takes to Attract Your Dream Clients, Dream Income, and Dream Life. It Is Possible!

One Of The Most Important Things You Can Do to Take Your Business to the Next Level, Is Have The Right Mindset. Overcome Fear and Obstacles Holding You Back. Take a Leap of Faith, and Create the Business You Crave! 

The mindset is one of the biggest success blockers for women coaches. Your money mindset can cause self-limiting beliefs, affect your confidence to charge what you deserve, cause you to undervalue yourself, question your calling, feel inferior in your ability to get in front of your ideal clients, and block your dream of financial freedom. Self-limiting money beliefs can be robbing you of your peace and profits. 


You Owe it to Yourself to Make a Shift In Your Mindset and Your Money:

It is time for you to clear any limiting beliefs, that are sabotaging your profits and your business. The messages you keep replaying in your mind are having an impact on you, your finances, and your business. These messages have blocked your ability to receive what you deserve in your life and your finances. And that has to be conquered.

Many women coaches just like you have taken their joy and coaching businesses back by shifting their money mindset. Stretch yourself beyond your current comfort zone about money and boost your self-esteem, your self-value, your self-confidence, and your income. And live the life you dream of living.


Attract and Manifest Your Desires:

You attract everything in your life based on what you consistently think, believe, and act on, and that includes money. You must be relentless in breaking any cycle of negative thinking that you have about money. And you must destroy any doubt and decisions that are blocking your financial success.

When you change your financial mindset you can change your life. If your money belief system is positive it can help you attract your ideal clients, money making opportunities, and prosperity. But if your money belief system is not positive it can block your ability to manifest your ideal clients, money making opportunities, and prosperity.

It is important to have a magnetic money mindset that is pulling you forward, instead of holding you back. Your M.B.S. (Money Belief System) must be in alignment with what you want to manifest in your life. You must do what needs to be done to create a money mindset power shift, that will shift your money mindset and business in the right direction. 


Connect Your New Money Mindset to New Money Making Opportunities: 

After you have broken through self-limiting money beliefs, and you have embraced the correct money mindset, it's time to connect your new money mindset to new opportunities. This program will not only teach you how to have a powerful mindset shift, but you will learn how to create new streams of income as well.   



Topics You Will Learn: 


  • Thinking like a magnetic 6-figure woman coach


  • The top successful habits of magnetic 6-figure women coaches


  • How to unleash the 6-figure woman coach inside of you


  • Faith, money breakthroughs, and manifestation


  • Magnetic 6-figure woman coach attraction laws


  • How to break through what has been blocking you from creating your financial dreams


  • How limiting beliefs are blocking your financial success


  • How to break through fear that is blocking your wealth and joy in your coaching business


  • How your own mind is holding you back from attracting financial abundance and wealth


  • How to change your subconscious money pattern


  • Magnetic 6-figure woman coach affirmations for success


  • How elevating your money mind can elevate your fees


  • Overcoming self-limiting beliefs


  • Serving and selling


  • Unleashing your creativity


  • Creating coaching packages 


  • Doubling your income


  • Selling high-end programs


  • Attracting high-end clients


  • Tips to build a 6-figure coaching business



How the " Magnetic 6-Figure Woman Coach™ Program™" Is Delivered:

The "Magnetic 6-Figure Woman Coach™ program" is delivered as a 12 week online teaching and coaching program. Your program includes weekly lessons (the lesson modules are short, powerful, action inspired modules), and personalized coach mentoring with Dr. Shauntel. 

You will log into your program weekly to access your program information (audio or video lessons, worksheets). You can complete your program on days and at times that work for you. There is no need to travel, pay hotel fees, be away from home or reschedule client appointments, and you can also complete the program from the comfort of your home, office or favorite place to relax.

Through the personalized coach mentoring opportunity you can send Dr. Shauntel an e-mail daily or weekly for any additional support, guidance or inspiration you may need. You may ask her any question related to the program, receive feedback, or brainstorm ideas. She is there with you every step of the way. This action-oriented program is designed to provide you with priceless teaching, an abundance of personalized coach mentoring and measurable results.    

Your program will also include a weekly assignment to inspire you forward. The weekly assignments are for your personal and professional growth, reflection and/or your journal, or to keep organized in a binder with your class materials for future reference. However you are more than welcome to submit the assignments if you desire any specific feedback. 


Follow-Up Coaching Opportunity:

Once you complete your program you will also have an opportunity for access to continued e-mail coaching for 30 days. You will have an opportunity for continued priceless access to Dr. Shauntel as you continue to grow your business. You may ask one question a week for four weeks.


Investment Costs:

Option 1: 897.00 (Payment in full) 

Option 2:  4 payments of $249.25 (Total investment is $997.00).


Just one shift in your financial mindset can catapult your success. And that is priceless.


Upcoming Class Date:

Class Start Date: Monday, January, 10th, 2022


Class End Date: The week of Monday, March 28th, 2022


The "Magnetic 6-Figure Woman Coach™ program" is exclusively limited to 20 women coaches. This is so that any needed personalized attention can be provided.



To Register:

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After you have registered please complete your payment. Once your payment has been received you will receive class information within 48 hours.


Refund Policy:

After your payment has been made there are no refunds available, but if for some reason you can't attend your program, then 100% of your payment will be applied to the same program or a different program within 6 months. You will not lose your investment.


The "Magnetic 6-Figure Woman Coach™ program" does not promise you instant riches, or guarantee that you will achieve 6 figures, there are a lot of factors that must be mastered. But what the program does promise you is that you will learn and grow, and gain education on how to break through limiting beliefs, and attract and manifest the income and business of your desires.